At Fleurieu Cranes, the health, safety and well-being of our staff and customers is our major priority. We understand what is expected from our customers and indeed our obligations, we see these requirements as the bare minimum and strive to exceed these at all times. Our skilled and experienced staff members are our key asset, they’re part of our working family, so their health and safety is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Likewise, our customers, other contractors and the general public with whom we interact are also treated with the same degree of priority with regards to their health and safety. All the staff and contractors at Fleurieu Cranes are committed to actively supporting and maintaining our QHSE management system. This commitment ensures a high level of health and safety within the organisation and its continued improvement.


Our environmental policy is also part of our commitment to the greater community and recognises the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. All Fleurieu Cranes employees have a responsibility to perform their duties to ensure the safety of the environment and comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1993. Fleurieu Cranes conducts business from its purpose built (2012) facility. This facility was built environmentally friendly and includes a 100,000 litre rain water storage tank with a full water filtration system - all water used/consumed on these premises is via the tank. Also included was a 15kW solar power system including 80 panels, whilst these additions provide less of an environmental impact, it also reduces costs which adds cost efficiencies.


Fleurieu Cranes is fully compliant with the Building Code 2016 (formerly National Code of Practice) for the Construction Industry and all Government Implementation Guidelines for such. Fleurieu Cranes has been assessed against the guidelines and is ‘code compliant’.


Fleurieu Cranes provides a continuous program of education and learning as part of our Health and Safety Policy. This ensures that all our employees and contractors are able to work in the most efficient and safest manner possible. We aim to provide, maintain and continuously improve our safety standards and to provide a healthy work environment for all of our employees at all times during all work activities. We comply with all statutory and legislative requirements pertaining to the WHS Act 2012 and the WHS Regulations 2012.


We ensure all our employees, subcontractors and stakeholders fully understand and support our vision of “Safety First”. All of our personnel accept their responsibility to perform all their duties in such a manner as to ensure their own safety and the safety of all others.


The employees of Fleurieu Cranes accept that all safety issues are preventable and they will ensure that the safety performance of all activities is of their highest priority.

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