Swimming Pool Installation

When you’re installing a swimming pool - whether it is a fibreglass, container or concrete pool - there are many things to consider. Of course before you decide to go ahead, you would have completed all the preliminary planning, such as the size and location of the pool and perhaps some landscape gardening or decking to go with it. A nice pool can add value to your home and family, so it’s important to plan the entire installation process carefully so there are no nasty surprises down the track.


Not all homes and yards provide appropriate access for a crane, so this is something you’ll really need to consider. Once it comes time to install the pool you will need to hire a crane company who has experience in safely completing this kind of work - ensuring your property and your brand new swimming pool do not get damaged in the process. At Fleurieu Cranes we have a wide variety of cranes in our fleet to suit all situations. Our operators and riggers are trained, licensed, accredited and experienced, and we carefully select the right crew for your job so when we do your job it gets done properly.


We often encounter a variety of difficult access sites, so we know and understand all the aspects of swimming pool installation that may cause problems to you. We plan carefully to ensure the job runs smoothly, safely and efficiently. Even at the point of excavation, problems can arise if the access to the site is difficult. It may be the case you need to get an excavator in to dig the hole and in some cases that can require a crane to lift it in and out before the pool even goes in the ground.


Whatever the type of job and the level of site accessibility, our trained staff at Fleurieu will make a full assessment of the site and the job, and work carefully with you and the other contractors to make sure any difficulties and potential problems are dealt with effectively and professionally. We take pride in our work and offer the highest level of quality and professionalism anywhere in the industry. We plan carefully to ensure you get the best results in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


If you’re planning on installing a swimming pool and you require experienced and professional crane hire then contact us at Fleurieu. Our fully trained and experienced staff will give you the expert advice you need to help you make a fully informed decision on your pool installation.

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