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Over the past couple decades, two things have grown, construction and technology. Construction projects have become highly dependent on technological advancements in equipment, one commonly used equipment in construction sites is a crane. Cranes play an important role when constructing something, they allow for picking up and dropping off heavy loads in an accurate and effective manner. However, recent technological advancements in automation has allowed companies to consider dry cranes. Dry cranes are cranes without an operator, this can provide a wide range of benefits that can not only reduce your overall construction costs, but increase safety. Below are just a few advantages of dry cranes.


  • Lower operational costs – Automation makes the construction process far more efficient than with manual human labour, by considering dry crane hire you can rely less on crane drivers and more on semi-automated dry cranes. Dry crane hire is something to consider for construction projects as the costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Lower risk of safety issues – Automation by definition requires less human labour, and in turn removes from a dangerous environment such as in the crane’s driver seat. There is always an inherent risk between man and machine. By taking dry crane hire into consideration, you can rely on remote control and less on manual controls. This is one of the most highlighted benefits of dry crane hire.
  • Increased efficiency – When you’ve chosen your dry crane hire service of choice, you may realize over time the efficiency of your construction projects increase. Efficiency is one of the factors determining the performance and results of a construction project, and can be used for future projects.


If you’ve decided to go with dry crane hire, then these are just three of the many advantage of using dry cranes. The fact that their semi-automated make them a far more attractive choice compared to the typical, manually controlled cranes. Dry crane hire companies like Fleurieu Cranes understand the value of safety in a workplace, and the value of their employees. At Fleurieu Cranes, their motto is ‘Safety first’, this approach has shown why they are the number one choice for dry crane hire, and why they are being picked over other companies. Their dry crane hire service includes a variety of different cranes including Frannas, city cranes, crawler cranes, and more. As technology advances, new equipment appear on the market. When considering dry crane hire, it is important to keep an eye on the market for new models of dry cranes.

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