Construction Work Made Easy With Cranes

Fleurieu Cranes is a major provider of crane truck hire in Adelaide. We have been involved in all major construction projects in the recent years in Adelaide. We provide highly trained and qualified technicians who are experienced in working with all manners of projects that require heavy-duty lifting. Even if the project involves high voltage our technicians will perform their task quickly and efficiently.

Our industrial lifting solutions encompass providing highest quality work done on time and within budget. But most importantly we pride ourselves on taking care of our employees and everyone else involved in the construction. This is why we're committed to upholding the highest safety and health standards.

Fleurieu Cranes is the best crane truck hire in Adelaide. We can come with a fleet of trucks and movement equipment, ranging from small forklifts to flat bed trucks and construction cranes weighing 400 tonnes.

Our Franna Cranes are perfect for hauling various items mid and long range and they can handle from 12 to 25 tonnes of weight.

Fleurieu Cranes has also helped many resource and mining company succeed. We have been involved in the gas and oil extraction all over South Australia as well as helping the precious metals and mineral extraction. If you want to know the best way to begin any kind of task related to excavation simply call us and we will help you get the best possible start.

Fleurieu Cranes have also helped wind farms continue to run smoothly. We have used various cranes from our fleet to inspect, repair and replace various elements of the wind turbine, such as gearbox or blade.

When you hire our cranes you will also get the option of hiring it with or without crew. Both options come with an option of hiring us to also do servicing and maintenance. This kind of flexibility enables you to choose the best option that suits your needs and makes us the best crane truck hire in Adelaide.

If you want to let us execute your ideas from start to finish we can do that as well. Fleurieu Cranes can plan and fulfill every project by assessing the demands, risks and advantages of the location, equipment and every other factor. You simply give us one call and we will take care of moving big things quickly out of your way. Let us do all the heavy lifting and you won't regret it because Fleurieu Cranes is the best truck hire in Adelaide.

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