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Fleurieu Cranes have the right cost effective solution for your heavy lifting needs. Our comprehensive fleet including up to 400 tonne ensures we have the right crane for your job, our diverse capability ensures we are able to operate on any site at any time. Fleurieu Cranes also employs dedicated engineers who are able to substantiate lift studies with the greatest level of accuracy through professional use of our systems including: KranXpert, AutoCAD, NearMap and various other crane manufacturer programs. Our lift studies are individually designed to meet the needs of our customers.



Manitowoc Press Release

2015 - Manitowoc News Release

"Fleurieu Cranes takes delivery of the first GMK6400 in the country"
Safety Achievement Award

2015 - Achievement in Safety Excellence

"Achievement for their planning and execution efforts"

Resource In Focus 2014

2014 - Resource in Focus

"An Incredible Fleet"

ANCR 2014 Feature

ANCR Feature SAHMRI - 2014

"Highest standards of Safety, Skills and Service"
Quality Policy

ANCR Feature - Seaford Rail 2012

"...Fleurieu Cranes fulfilled their project responsibilities in both a timely and cost effective manner"
ANCR 2011

ANCR Feature 2011

"Simply the best cranes in SA"

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Head Office Contact Details
Phone (08) 8260 5122  
Fax (08) 8260 5922

7 - 9 Lafitte Road, Wingfield SA 5013

Seaford Depot Contact Details
Crane and Rigging Supervisor
Phone: Larry - 0407 444 021

32-34 Eric Street, Seaford SA 5169

Port Augusta (Macweld Cranes) Contact Details
Depot Manager                     

Phone: Stephen - 0438 500 681

97 Footner Road, Port Augusta SA 5700

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Clare / Mid-North Depot Contact Details
Crane and Rigging Supervisor

Phone: Liam - 0458 399 366

Clare SA 5169


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